Drawn to Create.

Before I was a Graphic Designer, I was just a kid that drew a lot. Many, many years later I still draw a lot. My “style” at present is a sort of “mid-century modern” mash up of several influences. It suits editorial content very well, and can be custom crafted to include very specific elements.

Pools HQ

Website Spot Illustrations

Set of small spot illustrations created for the website.


Editorial Illustrations

Various articles for their blog they call “The Stash”. Each illustration was done in a couple days with only the title as the prompt. The client thought the style was perfectly suited for their website.


Strain Art

Sprinkled among the 800 strain art “icons” that I did were some of my favourite illustrations I ever got paid for. They took significantly longer than my allotted time per strain, but sometimes you just can’t find a good stock art of blackberries running around a burning train.

Other Samples