It’s more than just a logo.

A Brand is a system of elements, uniformly applied to anything and everything. In order to be effective it must be reproduced consistently in both digital and print, regardless of placement or size. You need a complete system of variations and elements along with a Brand Standards Guide to reinforce and protect your valuable business image.

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AirVM started out as a cloud hosting company, and evolved into a software company with one of the world’s leading cloud management platforms. For almost a decade I served as the Director of Design in charge of Branding, Design, Marketing, and UX/UI.


Founded by one of the world’s richest domain professionals, Frank Schilling envisioned Uniregistry as a global powerhouse for the next 50 years, bringing domain names to billions of new users. I worked for almost a year to create the brand, marketing materials, and even the domain management platform.

City Grow


A new venture for the legal cannabis space, City Grow aims to bring personal cultivation to the masses starting in Q4 2018. The brand reflects the approachable, consumer-friendly ideals of being helpful and supportive while remaining playful.

Still Hip

A company that brings connection and active lifestyles to the baby boomer generation. I didn’t want to make a traditional logo, I needed it to be a more versalite ‘fashion’ brand. I was aiming for “retro modern” using a modern take on retro typography.

Defence Intelligence

An internet security company that focused on the dark arts of DNS monitoring and filtering. I wanted to create a logo that reflected the ‘impossible to understand’ aspects, so I made an impossible shape that surrounded a white box to represent the ‘white hat’ ideals of the founders.

Bull Cabinets

Bull Cabinets fabricated custom, high-end metal cabinets meant for the garages of the rich and famous. My goal was to illustrate the strength and power being put into the product because of its high-quality materials and sleek design. I also purposely designed the logo so it could be laser cut right into the doors.

Other Works