Digital Experiences for All.

I made my first website for money in 1997, for a neighbour’s MS charity. Since then I have worked on local, national and international-level projects for start-ups and freelance clients all over the world. I have designed user interfaces for domain name management, online DVD rentals, malware monitoring and many more.

“The UXnicorn”

So rare you’d sooner win the lottery while being eaten by a shark and struck by lightning.


Site Maps, Development Timelines, Daily Scrums, Information Architecture, Usability, A/B Testing, Reverse Card Sorts. If these terms don’t give you a deep feeling of excitement from head to toe, I feel sorry for you.


My life would be completely different without Typography. Letterforms are the glue that binds all of my work together. Please let me talk your ear off about fonts some time.


Since first learning HTML in the 90’s I become a master of CSS (including SMACSS and SASS), JavaScript/jQuery, and even PHP. I can code a mean WordPress site (including eCommerce!) and I do a great Shopify Store.


Métis Nation of Ontario

The MNO was looking to create a survey to collect data from the Métis youth in Ontario.